Stone Sealing

Keeping your stone sealed will increase it's lifespan dramatically.

Seal Marble, Granite, Slate or Limestone?

We are often asked, "Do I need to seal my marble or granite countertop or floor?” The answer depends. No two pieces of stone are the same, and each piece of stone has different absorbency. If a piece of marble or granite can't absorb anything, even a penetrating, or impregnating sealer, won't absorb.

You can do a quick test. Put a small amount of water (a tablespoon is fine) on your stone and leave it for a few minutes. If the stone under the drop of water gets darker, that means it's absorbent. It does not matter where the stone is located in your home, it can be a kitchen countertop or island top, a vanity top, a marble fireplace, floor tile, or pavers. If its natural stone, it might need sealing.

If your stone needs sealing, the frequency is dependent on the stone. If can be every six months, to a year or even two years between sealing. Your marble and granite represents an investment, and for it to look its best having it professionally cleaned, polished and sealed is your best option.

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Cleaning, sealing and conditioning your stone regularly with the correct products will produce tremendous long term savings and prolong the life of your stone investments.

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