To get the most out of your stone, it is vital to preserve it regularly

STONE CARE Preservation

Daily Preservation:

Vacuum, dust mop, or sweep floors.  For best results, vacuum with a floor brush that has total contact with the surface. To keep edges cleaner, vacuum with a soft tip tool along baseboards.

Clean spills with ATLAS' neutral pH soap spray solution and a clean, dry cloth and as they occur.  For stubborn soils or greasy film, use a soft, white scrub pad.  Refer to the Counter Cleaning for more information.

Weekly Maintenance:

Vacuum flooring and edges with a floor brush that has total contact with the surface.

Dilute one tablespoon of ATLAS' neutral pH soap in two gallons of warm water and damp mop the surface from side to side.

Avoid reapplying dirt by keeping the solution clean (change every 250 sq. ft.). Do not rinse flooring, as it will remove the protectorants left by the solution.

If light water spots are noticeable, buff with a soft, dry cloth.

Periodically, for more soiled honed stones and light colored grout, dilute one cup of plain, white bleach with two gallons of warm water and mop as directed.  Re-mop with the neutral pH soap.

When using the bleach dilution, ensure to protect rugs and surrounding fabric surfaces.  Keep rugs clean as dirt can scratch the the surface of softer materials.   Do not put rugs down if backing or floor is damp.

Cleaning and conditioning your stone regularly with the correct products will produce tremendous long term savings and prolong the life of your stone investments.

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