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Tile (Porcelain and Ceramic) and Grout

Many clients chose these tile materials due to their versatility, durability, low maintenance, and stylistic preferences. Tile is mainly composed of natural clay, minerals and other additives. Other materials may be added to achieve various desired characteristics. The tile is "fired" or "dry pressed" leaving it with high levels of hardness, low porosity, and with either glazed or unglazed finishes. Variations in color, texture and finish are expected since some is manufactured to appear much like stone and antique materials that can have a more rustic presentation.

Grout is a Portland cement, limestone, oxide, and silica (pulverized sand) mixture that is fortified with various additives like polymers and resins to make it more durable, mold resistant, and water resistant. It is important to note that grout samples do not match actual grout colors. Noticeable color variations are common and expected due to environmental, material, and installation factors.

Its care:

  • Tile cleaners are readily available at hardware stores. Always follow directions and do not employ them on stone. Thorough vacuuming and mopping inhibit dirt and soil build-up. Depending upon wear, location, type, and care; tile and grout, especially, will need professional maintenance every 1 - 3 years.
  • Nuetral pH tile soaps are best for cleaning. Test cleaners in an inconspicious area prior to use.
  • Other less friendly cleaners like acids can be used; yet, special personal and environmental care must be  taken.
  • Clients can opt for ATLAS' ColorGuard, a semi-permanent, durable grout colorant/sealant that ensures color with added stain resistance.
  • Sealers, whether penetrating or topical, should only be applied once the surface is professional treated and  allowed to dry to ensure proper sealer curing.

Tile & Grout Maintenance, Cleaning & Repair

Paley Stone & Tile Forensics

Paley Stone and Tile Forensics provides expert stone and tile assessment,  evaluation, consulting and remediation for natural stone installations.  Our services range from natural stone inspections and stone failure assessments to providing expert witness testimony.