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Approved & Tested Stone Care Cleaning Products

With more than 30 years of experience cleaning, maintaining and restoring natural stone and other hard surfaces, including granite, marble, slate, tile, travertine, and paver; ATLAS has tested and approved the following for your in-home maintenance.

ATLAS Stone Cleaning Kit

Includes Easy Care Cleaner, ATLAS Daily Cleaner, ATLAS Monthly Conditioner, ATLAS Etch Remover plus a non-abrasive polishing/scrubbing pad for light maintenance, a small, medium-bristled plastic brush for more stubborn soils and residue in the grout joints, and a larger, medium-bristled plastic brush for larger jobs like showers, exterior surfaces and more textured stones.

stone cleaning kit

  • Everything you need to keep your natural stone looking great between professional cleaning.

Coverage: Refer to ATLAS' Cleaning Kit Instructions

Stone Cleaning Kit: $75.00

Easy Care Cleaner

A premium daily cleaner specifically designed for all types of stone surfaces. Cleans and maintains polished, honed and tumbled surfaces removing soils, dirt, and non-caustic contaminants. Ideal for surfaces treated with penetrating sealers.

easy care

  • Concentrate
  • Very high yield
  • Not layer forming
  • Non-bleaching
  • Solvent free

Coverage: Refer to ATLAS' Stone Care Guide.

Easy Care Cleaner - 1 Liter: $17.00
Easy Care Cleaner - 5 Liter: $70.00

ATLAS Daily Stone Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning and maintaining natural and engineered stone, paver and tile flooring, counters, showers, and other surfaces.

daily stone cleaner

  • More aggressive than Easy Care
  • Removes heavier debris and soil

Coverage: Refer to ATLAS' Stone Care Guide.

Daily Stone Cleaner - 16 Oz: $12.00

ATLAS Monthly Stone Cleaner

Formulated to condition and revitalize polished natural and engineered stone countertops and shower walls. It removes light soils; minimizes soap and mineral residue; and helps protect against stains, fingerprints, and water spots.

monthly stone conditioner

  • Improves reflection on polished surfaces
  • Enhances stone color and appearance

Coverage: Refer to ATLAS' Cleaning Kit Instructions

Monthly Stone Conditioner - 16 Oz: $16.00

ATLAS Etch Remover:

Removes light etches and scratches, and water spots from polished marble, limestone, and travertine. Ensure to follow with the Monthly Stone Conditioner.

etch remover

  • Removes minor marks on polished surfaces
  • Follow directions closely; do not leave a residue

Coverage: Refer to ATLAS' Cleaning Kit Instructions

ATLAS Etch Remover - 8 Oz: $22.00


Paley Stone & Tile Forensics

Paley Stone and Tile Forensics provides expert stone and tile assessment,  evaluation, consulting and remediation for natural stone installations.  Our services range from natural stone inspections and stone failure assessments to providing expert witness testimony.