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Clients choose concrete due to its versatility, ease of care, lower cost, and stylistic preferences. It is composed of rocks or aggregate, sand or fine aggregate, water and cement. These properties and other additives can be manipulated to produce different characteristics that affect color, consistency, surface texture, strength and other factors. Variations in concrete color and surface texture are common with all concrete. Still, some are manufactured to appear much like stone or antique materials that can have a more rustic and mottled presentation.

Its Care:

In it's raw or untreated state, concrete has increased mottledness, color variation and discoloration, and uneven wear. Depending upon wear, location, type, and care; concrete needs professional maintenance every 1 - 3 years. Some general maintenance tips follow:

  • Mechanized wind blowers are best for removing dirt and debris.
  • Hose a surface with more serious soiling. Ensure that water drains from the surface.
  • Water settling, puddling  or sprinkler overspray are the leading causes of rapid weathering.
  • Use nuetral pH soaps for cleaning and deck brushes. Test cleaners in an inconspicious area prior to use.
  • Other less friendly cleaners like acids can be used; yet, special personal and environmental care must be  taken.
  • Sealers, whether penetrating or topical, should only be applied once the surface is professional treated and allowed to dry to ensure proper sealer curing.

Concrete Maintenance, Cleaning & Repair

Paley Stone & Tile Forensics

Paley Stone and Tile Forensics provides expert stone and tile assessment,  evaluation, consulting and remediation for natural stone installations.  Our services range from natural stone inspections and stone failure assessments to providing expert witness testimony.